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By the way, I was in a server today and guess who showed up?


The entire time he was whining that everytime someone killed him, they were using an aimbot. 4 left the server just because they were disgusted with his whining. Then he says I say everyone cheats when I die. I asked the server, and everyone said I never said that, but that Maynard did. Then odd stuff started happening, so people started spectating him (I never did, wasn't worth wasting my time). According to them (somethingMaul, Deicidi,some rage guy, and 2 others I can't remember the names of), he was using aimbot himself, and using some "sniffer" that lets you see others even if they have mind trick. They also said he never ran out of rockets, but I think he just stocked up on alot

Well, we already know whm.Maynard is really TK-G himself according to matching IPs, but in the server, at the end of a map, he said that he WAS TK-G, so if you want further proof...he said it himself.

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