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In my opinion saberlocks are purely cosmetic/cinematic and are a waste of time. Sure, I like it when I get saved from a damaging hit in the form of a saber lock, but if the frequency is too high it's plain annoying.

Winning a saber lock isn't all that benificial, since theres a number of things one can do while knocked down; you can jump up using the force, kick your pursuer, or even push him away. The difficulty of striking someone while they are down makes winning the saber lock an unworthy effort.

Surely there could be more skill invovled with winning a lock besides tapping your primary/using push or using a script?

Usually I can draw a saber match, sometimes I actually get knocked down (when I miss the push button) but hardly get any damage dealt to me unless lunged, and even then i could be on top of their head (using force get up).

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