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Originally posted by thehomicidalegg
another one of these threads, but he's close to one thing, this game is not dead, ....yet, but is dying
JK2 is dying as fast as TF2 is taking to come out. Or you could say at a slightly faster rate than CS and Dod

I'm not saying it's going to have Starcraft longevity or CS's widespread play (though alot of my friends have played jk2 at least once) but it's not as haxor ridden as Tribes I heard or have as many obnoxious people as CS.

JediMod and ProMod are doing their part to extend to replay value of JK2, and once school settles down maybe the mappers modders and skinner/modelers will come back.

You just can't start etching to eulogy on the tombstone yet.

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