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The details for my idea for JK3 (or whatever)

Ok, with my idea for JK3 (BTW, I like the other idea) I now have 9 different levels and 6 cutscenes. What I donít have is a very twisty storyline. I will post my ideas for my idea for a JK2 sequel here so you can give me suggestions on what a good twist could be that captivates the gamers who play it.

>>>>Idea list:

1. A growing tension between the Witches and their men-slaves.
2. Rebellion in the air on Dathomir. (cutscene)
3. Kyle poses as an assassin (level) to get sent to the Dathomir
Remnant prison facility. (level as Kyle escapes)
4. Kyle has to battle his way through terrible monsters to get to
the Witches territory, far from the prison facility on Dathomir.
(two levels)
5. Allyaís great granddaughter, Pylya, senses a disturbance in the
force (cutscene)(the disturbance being Kyle). She sends two of
her warriors to take care of him. (level)
6. A full fledge rebellion happens on Dathomir against the
Witches (cutscene); Kyle aids rebellion (level)
7. 30 Trainees from the Jedi Academy come, including Luke,
(cutscene) and a large battle ensues between the Jedi and the
Witches (level)
8. Two Witches escape, barely from Kyle, and vow to return
someday to destroy the Jedi (level/cutscene)<<<<

Iím also thinking of making up a storyline for a Dark Jedi kinda game. What this game would have is you being a dark Jedi trying to make an impression on your Sith masters. What you donít know is how big an impression you can make on them..... Your opportunity will come very soon in a surprising form. Now I just need to know what that surprising form is.

P.S. I know alot of you guys have no idea what I'm talking about. This post is the detailed description of some of the stuff I want to incorporate for my idea for JK3. I'll post the link to my storyline as soon as I find it.

Edit: The link---

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