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A Murder of Crows Score update wed aug 28th

new points standings:

GendoTheGreat 26 points

breakdown past score:
9 points
plus new points:
6 points for correct first answer
4 points for amusing reference to my
place and pace in the Land of the Dead
2 points for correcting quote
3 points because Sanspoof tried to
deprive him of his rightful booty
2 points arbitrarily added
simply paraphrasing Maximino:
'things work best when they are fixed.'
=26 points

Huz 9 points

Sanspoof 8 points
*penalty minus 2 points
for using GF quote
which as the great one says,
is a freebee for sure.*

scabb=6 points
*he picks up Sanspoofs 2 points
because in physics, matter can not be
created or destroyed merely converted
and since scabb is the only other soul
so far with a score in my game
he inherits your demerits

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever
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