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make sure that you deploy the artillery, hit either F8 or the button on the console with the gard commands and stuff

- units must be visible to bombard, even if only momentarily like when ties circle around
-check out there are artillery strategies there including the better one from your truely using ties, form a skirmish line in front of artiller with AT's of varyine type and have an AA near your arty to defend from air attack
-deploy the guns and you'll see reb flare type shots being fired, the circle is the blast radius for damage.
- put turrets and 1 or 2 artiller at your bas and it will be a real stronghold inpenitrable to your enemies.
- i did the whole sarpin levels without artiller before i figured out how to use them, i would have suffered alot less causualties if i used them well, i figured out how to used them on yavin.


try this out it works


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