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There is an easy way to deploy your artillery for maximum firing range.

If your target is spotted, and your arty is out of range, you can simply select your undeployed artillery, then right click the intended target. Your selected artillery piece (mobile or heavy) will automatically advance until the target is just in range, autotmatically deploy, and open fire.

Note that the wayfinding isn't always perfect, and sometimes the arty can get stuck on steep slopes. This is true for most ground units. Just hit F5 to stop the selected unit, move the unit off the slope, and then reacquire the target by right clicking it.

Be sure to provide air cover (AT-AAs or TIE Fighters) and ground cover (AT-PTs and AT-STs, TIE Bombers) for your arty! No point in deploying an expensive heavy artillery (750 cps... hey that's worth 15 stormies or 3 T/Bs) and allowing it to be destroyed by the enemy.

Use the F8 key to deploy or undeploy your arty. Keep them mobile and hard to hit.

Notice how fast the mobile artillery moves? If you're in a game that requires great mobility and a lot of hit-and-fade tactics, it might be better to use several high speed mobile artileries, rather than fewer sluggish heavy artillery.

You can buy 3 mobile arties for the equivalent cost of a single heavy arty... although the armor for a single mobile arty (150) is only half of the armor for a heavy (300). However, you get more armor in total in three mobile arties (450 armor points in total) than in one heavy arty (300 armor).

A single heavy arty unit does twice the damage against vehicles and buildings than a single mobile arty unit. Now, three mobile arties cost the same as a single heavy. In combination, three mobile arties, if concentrating their fire, theoretically could do 1.5 times the damage as a single heavy arty. Plus, the mobile arty rate of fire is slightly higher than the heavy arty. So three mobile arties might be a better deal than a single heavy.

Anyone should feel free to correct me on this. Thanks.


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