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Unhappy JK2 is not dying

All these posts about JK2 dying are foolish statements, that are more like propaganda to destroy JK2. All they are likely to do is decrease peoples morale. I play in the Deus Ex Multiplayer Community that was never even all that big to start with, but it is a lot worse now. It is so small that it is near collapse. There are only about 12 stable clans left, and 30 veterans playing on a regular basis. There are few servers, with a ping of 300 being acceptable to most players. Because Deus Ex was not released with a Multiplayer patch until the game of the year edition came out it never had a fan base on this scale. You are most certainly mistaken if you think JK2 is anywhere near collapse. DX never even had this many people to start with so I suggest you rethink your ideas. The community is what you make it, and you have a lot more advantages than many communties. DX certainly still has an excellent community spirit, and we only have one coder left too.
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