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Post Need help on Corusant

So i'm on mission 22 i think that is
to capture the Imperial Comand center and
destroy the four antennas.
So far so good ...i've destroyed the antennas na captured the command center and the heavy turrets infront of it..but now a new mission pop-ups..Eliminate tha countera-attack force...well kick me..but that is IMPOSSIBLE...despite the fact that i have only one AT-ST,one attack tank and 2 Infiltrators....the imperials come with 2 AT-STs one AT-PT 4 troopers 10 bikes and 5 Ties 5 you can see ..something is very wrong....only once i managed to destry them all except fot the ties and bombers..but that is because i don't have anything that fires on air???HOw do i destroy them...
The most intresting thing is that when i capture the imperial command center i don't start to recieve command points???
Something is not right... please help
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