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Originally posted by Psionic Jedi
I gotta try this out, but how is this helping saber wielders?

Aerial saber tactics?

Crouching Jedi Hidden Saber (lol lunge)?
Actually, it truly turns the game into a gun-game unless you choose saber only. Although I like the Mod, because it reminds me of the old Duke-Nukem' 3D days, players rarely get close enough to use sabers. Sniping, rocketing, and rapid-fire weapons, dominate this mod.

I would like to see it worked into a mod like Jedimod 1.2 but there'd have to be a way that the server's host could adjust the pack's settings. For example, there should be a flight time limit.

DAMNIT! I'm not a nOOb, in the scope of things I'm as old as Yoda so my reflexes are a bit slower!

I'm so old that I was typing basic commands into my Atari 800 while most of you young whippersnappers weren't even a sparkle in your Daddy's eyes!! LOL!
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