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Terrakon: It sounds to me that if Deac dies today, you might never meet. So do me a favour and keep him alive...

[Deac never goes to Cantina, never meets Rwos, Rwos leaves shortly after arriving. Deac never meets Odin, Odin stays on Aesir, Cracken never tries to sway Deac to his side, Ragnarok never happens.]

Comm: Lord Terrakon?

Terrakon: Yes?

Comm: Lord Talzion has fallen.

*Terrakon kneels and begins to weep*


*Syrnl bends over his dead father. Deac screams.*

Young Deac: You monster! You killed Dad!

Syrnl: Deac...come with me. You can be a lord too. Would you like that?

*Syrnl grabs Deac and holds his face close to his*

See the power I hold? You could have something like it!

Deac: I have a power already...

*Deac's steel toe capped boot goes straight into Syrnl's groin, allowing Deac to run away. Syrnl, says the words he will say time and again over his life for the first time*

Syrnl: Owwww! Curse you Deac Starkiller!

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