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Forum Pets - Boingies!

Okay, here's the deal. This is a simulation virtual pet forum bit. You can adopt differenct kinds of smiley creatures called Boingies and care for them, take them on adventures, raise them and keep them healthy until they are old enough to defend themselves in the wilds of Spring Island (Image coming soon (Not a very good one, though)). To complete your Boingy's life, you must first adopt one. They come in several colours: Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, Gold and Orange. First you adopt a Boingy, then it's yours!

To raise a Boingy, you must win it ten medallions of life. They are key to a Boingy's age. Getting all ten requirs gaining awards for courage, bravery, burger eating, saving innocents, etc. Each award wins you one half of a medallion. To do this, you must travel through Spring Island and find places to win the awards, or just to buy things for your Boingy at the local store. However, strange things happen on Spring Islands. They include rebellions, aliens, afros, snakes, Indiana Jones and the most boring man in history. These infiltrate your quest.

But Boingies need care and attention! If you do not buy them food with your money (You start of with about $100 and find ways of making money) then they starve and die. If you do not play with them and buy them toys, they run away or disobey you, and sometimes turn against you! This is vital, so keep an eye on your Boingy's health!

I hope this works on the forum. Please don't lock it. I wish to try it. Please!
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