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ProMod Beta 2 -- Released!

***UPDATE*** now has Beta 2 available for download: now has ProMod beta 2 available for download:

ProMod Beta 2 is finished, and has been sent to both and The files should be available any time now. There's a HUGE list of changes, that you can check out at the official site, which I am now updating.

Check it out:

If you can't wait for the sluggish files section to update, try logging into the official game server (ip in my sig below), which has autodownload enabled. There's quite a few people in there right now, actually.

So what's changed? Tons. Here's an abbreviated, generalized list:

- New Offensive/Defensive Bonus system and Bonus Meters in the HUD.
- All movement now has an effect on your Combat Bonuses--watch your Meters as you move around.
- Force Sight now has difficulty seeing higher levels of Mind Trick.
- Force Sight's ability to dodge sniper fire is now dependent upon the Combat Strength Crosshair (CSC).
- Saber Defense's ability to block sniper fire is now dependent on the CSC.
- New console variables allow you to customize the ProMod HUD elements, including the color of the CSC.
- All saber damages (including saber throw) have been increased by 50% versus anyone wielding a gun.
- All private FFA duels end with the winner receiving 100 health and 25 shields.
- All reported bugs from Beta 1 have been fixed.
- Many more...

There you have it. Enjoy, and as always, contact me with any comments or suggestions:

I'll be updating this post with links as soon as i have them.

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