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((OOS: Nice downtime there...well I'm relaying a message from Death about four days late. Her computer has a virus, and it won't be fixed till Monday which is...tomorrow. *shrugs* She might not be online here till Tuesday. She says for Deac to do what he thinks best if she doesn't show up in time.))

Rwos: I know some things about this Time Matrix; I always considered it a fanciful myth, but obviously - anyway, the Time Matrix protects the user in the time stream. Ken'atra cannot kill himself using the Time Matrix. Even if he removes any possibility of his existence from this reality - he will still exist, and everything he has done with the Time Matrix will remain unchanged.

Because of...whatever that creature did to us...we are also under the Time Matrix' protection. Ken'atra cannot harm us but he can now erase Deac from existence and I am NOT going to allow that to happen!

*Rwos collars Terrakon, eyes glowing* It's been twenty seconds. Are you going to help us or not?

(( edit: called Terrakon 'Talzion' ))

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