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Well, this was my force throw concept(would work like force grip)....

Level 1: Can move small objects,(rocks, droids, small
boxes etc.) for attack one at a time.
Must be stationary for 4 seconds.

--Every item within your arc or circle is affected.
Your arc/cursor(like force push/pull) on this level is
large enough for only one small object--

Level 2: Can move medium/small objects for attack
three at a time and press distanced switches
Must be stationary for 2 seconds.

--Your arc/cursor(like force push/pull)on this level
is large enough for three medium/small objects--

Level 3: Can move large/medium/small objects for
attack. Medium/small objects 5 at a time. Large
Objects 1 at a time.
Can press distanced switches. Can move aircraft around
the size of Xwings. That is not for attack, and it
would require a stationary 2 seconds of focus.(on
MP/SP maps this would make nice for hidden areas. Or
for SP, could be imperative to advancement in that

Movement of medium/small objects is instantaneous

--Your arc/cursor(like force push/pull) on this level
is large enough for 5 medium/small objects and 1 large

Level 4: Can collapse structures. All the aforementioned abilities are done instantly, no focus required. 5% increase in throw speed.

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