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I think your mod is great and am looking forward to future releases. I like the new defense/attack meters on the sides they add more dept to saber fighting.

Maybe some food for though on future releases: Increase damage against a saber thrower. If his saber is out of his hand and a person strikes them it should take significant damage or kill with one shot. I donít know if you implemented this in the newest version.

Hereís something more for looks of the game (a pet peeve of mine) when the character is running he always has his saber over to his side whether it is forward/back or side to side. It just looks to me as if he canít block anything holding a saber like this. Is there any way that the model can hold the stance of the swing while running, I think this would add a nice look/feel to the game (Just a thought).

Overall if you didnít release any more I would be totally happy. Random saber swing just doesnít work against a skilled/timed person with this mod, thank goodness for you. Bringing back the essence of JediKnight.

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