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Nighthawk the Linux jk2ded binary expects the directory structure
/jk2/base with the jk2ded in /jk2. The quote is from the Install docs.

Install instructions:

On your linux box:
-Create a directory for the game. example:
mkdir /usr/local/games/jk2
-Copy the linux binary into this directory
-Mark the file as executable. example:
chmod a+x /usr/local/games/jk2/jk2ded
-Create the 'base' directory. example:
mkdir /usr/local/games/jk2/base
Note, YES, it is case sensitive and the program will look for all lower case
-Copy the files from the base directory of the retail CD into the
base directory you just created. In particular, the assets0.pk3 and assets1.pk3.
And assets2.pk3 from the 1.03 patch!
I run JediMod with no problems. My directory structure is


I start the server by running

./jk2ded +set fs_game jedimod +exec server.cfg

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