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I found the demo kinda boring. I didn't get to build any units - just march around blowing things up.

I was hoping for a demo similar to the first one released for Age of Empires where you could at least build up a massive army (even if it was not necessary). I also tried getting on the zone, but half the graphics would not load and when I clicked on the demo link, nothing would happen. I'm hoping that it's a problem on their side and not mine.

I also ran into a couple of problems:

- I set a group of storm troopers to guard Darth Vader, but when I moved Vader, the guarding troops just stayed behind.

- One area of the screen remained lit up like I had some troops in the area, but I had no one there (I looked and looked).

- I couldn't switch the resolution to 1280x1024. This may have just been a limitation of the demo, though.

The "Victory" tune was WEAK! I hope they come up with something a little more Star Wars sounding for the retail release.

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