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Sorry, but I've been reading these forums for awhile and held back as long as I could. I'm not complaining about you guys, it looks like all of you may feel the same, but I am tired of people trashing Force Commander and seeming to forget Rebellion ever existed. These two games, in my opinion, are two of the best games I have ever played. Rebellion especially - still after all these years it's been out I know many people I deal with still hail this as one outstanding masterpiece. Praise must go out to the creator, or creators of Rebed, because with the ability to add/remove/edit characters, multiplayer games are filled with more thrills each time. My one friend and I are always trying to find ways to enhance the battle in MP - we have a constant war going on (when we find the time) that has become personal to say the least. This game is one of the reasons why I went and hooked up a network a couple of years back, cause tying up the phone line for 8 hours straight would be bad, I guess. We've certainly pulled our share of all-nighters with this game. There is so much to this game that I can't really express it all - and once, hopefully, the ability to change the ship models in the tactical mode becomes available - there will be even more time spent on this game. Rebed also makes the SP game worthwhile again - with the ability to boost the competition. I got tired of beating the game on Hard with Large Galaxy - now there's a new challenge by making the enemy stronger w/better stats, etc. Needless to say this game has a permanent spot on the HD. As for Force Commander, well, I can't admit putting in as much time as Rebellion. However, this game is still powerful. Not many of the people I know seem to like it the same as I do so finding MP games become hard. I have yet to fill all the spots on my network and I'm still looking forward to that. There's not as much in this game that can be manipulated as there is in Rebellion, but for what it has I was impressed. The camera angles for one, I love to watch the AT-AT's come thumping towards the enemy, or watch the rebel soldier's being crushed beneath their feet. And as a rebel you can even steal Imperial vehicles! C'mon! That's cool. There needs to be an expansion and/or sequel to this game. I can see some flaws like having vehicles walk through buildings and some others, but over all there is a lot to be desired. The good out-weighs the bad by far. Even some of the SP missions are impressive. Hoth could have used more work - I don't like that you have natural boundries between you and the rebel base. From the movie it looked like a long straight walk. The sounds are nice the cut scenes are really nice - especially the opening. It should have required more, I don't know... 'something', to gain command points. But like I've said a few times, over all it was real good. Now I guess I'm done with my rant. But regardless what people say these games will be on my list as some of the most impressive. With what I see coming out though, I wish LucasArts will see the profit it can make by making all the new games have a PC version. I don't want to buy Nintendo just for Rogue Squadron II!
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