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I don't appreciate you calling people n00bs
Then next time waste Bizzarre head plez or better TAKE IT easy ......using force is not a crime man especially when all others ppl are using it

I don t care for myself since i m grown up enough to not be bothered by such attitude but what bizzarre did is just what this mod don t need .........lamers pissing everyone ( and u can ask everyone there he was a master at it ) when they are in fact sore losers ( thus the name noob .....wich he loved to call other with when u were not online )

there is not much servers( and no others with beta 2 for now ), so if this server ( and worst : mod ) get a bad rep we all lose and Artifex will lose even more since he invested time into this

U answering to bizzarre calls was just approving his acts ( and i asked to other ppl after u left ...they just thinked the same way ) wich hurts this growing community

So next time plez calm down ....
to end this up : u don t know me, i ve never been on OEF or some server u ve been so no need to get mad at me name is just a popular drink with some funny ads where i live : it would be not surprising if someone else would use it
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