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theres a difference between dying and dead.
a dead game means theres a limitted gaming community with no future and is played only sporatically

a dying game is not dead, its merely fading. people still play it often, there are hardcore gamers that play it continuously, there are still newbies joining....BUT the TOTAL community of that game is decreasing... and this IS the case in Jk2.

one cannot deny that there are less people playing now than say 3-4 months ago. the number of ppl playing may increase due 2 certain patches or mods but that number would not reach the size of 1.02 - early 1.03 size. the number of servers have decreased ( i wont say dramatically), and the gap between serious gamers(like many who visit forums like this) and amateur( people who just play for fun) have increased

i certainly do not wish jk2 to die, but the undeniable fact is that its gaming community is shrinking (due to other new games like war3 etc, and because of the length of time since its release). ppl will continue to play jk2 still for quite a while and i certainly hope for a expansion pack or sequal to boost this community again!
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