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Originally posted by mikus_aurelius
I reallly like way that the attack bonus goes up as you fall on someone. However, it seems almost impossible to connect before you hit the ground. Maybe you should consider having the falling bonus stick around for a quarter of a second after you land. Or maybe I should quit whining and learn to time it better

also, is damage tied to the attack meter or just chance to penetrate defenses? I assume its not, but i could swear I had some one hit kills last night walking foreward in red stance.

All in all, love the mod. Thanks a ton artifex.
I wouldn't want to turn saber fighting into a hopping match by emphasizing the jump offensive bonus too much. Sorry. You might try doing the DFA off of a cliff into a group of people though. hehehehe.

One hit kills are possible with red stance, but only with the downwards chop swing. It's just intrinsic to the way the animations work that that swing can hit twice if you keep the saber inside their body long enough. Still, that's pretty difficult to do.

The damage done varies only by where in your swing you connect, the bonuses only affect you ability to hit them. Connecting in the exact middle of the swing will do the most damage.

Glad you like the mod. Spread the word.

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