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Originally posted by Psionic Jedi
Er just came back from a session on your server (did horrible by the way, medium is no longer uber-leet ) and someone named Bizarre turned it into a 30 frag duel... Everyone got pissed and left.

Also is it just me or does a bunny hopper have the advantage in terms of bonus? It seems to pierce defenses alot more... I killed someone by hopping up, taking a lunge in the gut and swinging at their head with medium stance, and it killed them instantly. I was left still with alot of hp...

We need a documentation on the new bonus meters
Don't worry, the advantage gained from a normal jump is very slight. Each one of the "ticks" you see in the meter is one point of bonus, which ends up being about 2 or 3 degrees of aiming arc. What was happening is that you were suprising your opponent with a jump, and he was still aiming below you when you hit him. That gave you enough of a combat advantage to break his defenses.

Remember, damage is unaffected by the bonus meters. I'll be putting up a complete guide to the CSC and the Bonus meters today. And fixing what seems to be a page formatting error in IE5.5 and IE6.0

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