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Re: Initial reactions

Originally posted by Jah Warrior

I've only tested on bots so far, 20-30 fights, so bare that in mind with my comments. I noticed some weirdness that may or may not have been intentionally put into the mod, Is it me or are the backstabs spinnable 'sometimes' it seems that they can be turned, is this a bug? I ask because it happens intermittently. The same also applies for blue lunge, turnable a la 1.02 and again this is intermittent.

On a positive note, I do like the defense meters even if I am not quick enough thinking to watch them in-game. And also the startup screen is cool man, very nicely done.

I'll be back once I've got to play some real opponents.
Think you could reproduce that at all? If you get to the point where you think you can, let me know. I had this happen only once, and I think it's related to having your defenses broken while in a special attack. It doesn't adversely affect the game in any way from what I saw, but I'd still like to nail that down.

Glad you liked the new startup screen art. I thought that'd help people realize that they weren't in Kansas anymore.

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