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Re: Re: Initial reactions

Originally posted by ArtifeX

Think you could reproduce that at all? If you get to the point where you think you can, let me know. I had this happen only once, and I think it's related to having your defenses broken while in a special attack. It doesn't adversely affect the game in any way from what I saw, but I'd still like to nail that down.
Well the only way I can explain it is that occasionally it allows you to turn the backsweeps, as you say this could be a result of being attacked during the move which would sound like similar circumstances to when it happens to me. Would recording a demo of this be useful? so you can see how it happens, because it happens probably every 3 or 4 fights while I play. Knowing my luck the moment i start recording it will stop happening. hehe.

let me know...

ps. another question:-
is multi duel part of this beta? The documantation seems to suggest so but it is not abundantly clear.

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