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Originally posted by Orangina_Rouge

Only thing i found maybe too much is Red stance footspeed being faster since u can chain it and it was good in promod 1 for people who knew actually HOW to use it ...but need to test it further

have fun testing Heavy stance I know that I did!

Anyway if I could add my 2 cents-

Heavy in ProMod 1 was a joke. Sure you could chain it, and so what? Medium user had to do nothing more then press down attack and a Heavy user was minced before his second attack was out. A good heavy user v a good medium user in ProMod 1 ended in a dead heavy user 90% of the time.

The way JKII was designed was that
Medium Countered Light Stance
Heavy Countered Medium
Light Countered Heavy

If you play ProMod 2 and Run into a Heavy only user stop being a Medium addiict and switch to Light. When swings horizontal, rush in swinging, and you will parry his sabre and land to good hits.

However if you are a Medium only user then yes Heavy will seem annoying to you, but to bad. Heavy users have to switch stances to win duels and know hopefully so do medium users.


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