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30 fights on...

ok so now I've had like 30 plus bouts against a real and experienced player. so here's what i think so far...

loads more enjoyable than beta 1 totally!!!

Getting used to the defense and offense meters so thats all good.

Damage is well, how can I put it? DEVESTATING!!! jeez man i wont even tell you what saberdamagescale wer had to use to get matched that lasted more than 20 seconds. Fair enough saber vs guns is ridiculaous as tsandard so I see why you hiked it up but in a duel not quite as enjoyable, but hey we've already discussed that.

Kicking with out force jump well I dont think that me and Artifex will agree on this but for me the whole point of no jump is to get rid of that stupid kicking whether it does damage or not, I just loathe kicking. I think you will find NFSO duellists resistant to this mod, and I know that now you get big damage from level three jump I will certainly be missing having jump enabled. and as such it restricts the usabilty of maps, just to get rid of kick damage. personally the ability to kick and wall run with no force jump is a bit daft. I know that you want to make a standard of sorts for competitive play but that does leave those that do not want to do competitive play out in the cold a little. A little control over wheter or not kick is enabled would really make this mod cool for those that want the benefits of your CSC (is that it) system, but only want to play for 'fun'.

Further to my previous comment about being able to spin backstabs and backsweeps, it also works for the DFA albeit it only happened once in the games I have played so far.

Rants aside this mod is now very enjoyable to use and as such I think this will become our servers mod of choice, especially when you get those multi duels running

Good work Artifex keep it up, suffice to say I'm sure I will be back once I have some more opinions to air.

Peace & Ting

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