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What am I doing wrong?

I log on to Hermes Place as usual, I start DLing a new mod, fair enough, but after that and trying to get into the game I get this:

Client/Server game

Ok, I go to LF and find this thread about the mod. I then figure maybe I didn't get the right files DLed, so I find Artifex' server as described in his sig, and I have no trouble entering his game, where I find the mod up and running with the meters and all.

So apparently I do have the files needed, so wondering why I can't log on to my favorite server and what this mismatch between me and the server is all about. It says it's running jedimod now...perhaps after having DLed the beta2 mod they interfere with eachother?

Any and all help would be appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: Another thing; so far as I can tell no new mod folder has been created alongside my other mod folders. Bear in mind despite of that I still logged onto and ran the mod fine on Artifex' server.

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