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Originally posted by razorace
The amount of programming/legal effort would be expensive for Raven to add jedimod as a official patch. They're much more likely to just make an expansion patch.
I agree, in fact they may even have worries of using ideas that people have already made in Mods since they may be intellectual property of the Mod designer. Who knows.

I find it hard to believe that Raven will do anymore with this game and I am not sure that is a bad thing considering the past changes they've made.

JKII is not dead and will most likely live for a long time because of Mods suchs as ProMod, jk++, and JediMod. As long as we have creative and talented individuals out there sharing their ideas so that Mod makers can see what people want, I think JKII has some life in her yet!

Please do not ask raven for anymore Nerf's. On the off chance that we can get Raven to do something else for this game, lets see if we can get them to remove some of the overly nerfed strats and add some new things to the game. If you ask for something to be "fixed" you will be doing great harm to this community.

When asking for changes made to the game please think-

How can I make this game better for everyone

and not..

I hate this <insert move here> I want it weakened immediately!!

This game should have enough effective attacking and defending techniques that every player can use his own imagination to create an attacking/defending scheme that is effective. At the moment we have very few effective strats due to a very limited number of effective attacks. Please remember that this game is not made for YOU, it is made for all of us. it is not fair for anyone to say my style should not be allowed. You play your way, I will play mine, we all paid for this game and thus should all be allowed the freedom to play as our creativity leads us.



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