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You're right about that coming with 1.03. It's because the special moves are all uninterruptible animations. There's some wacky logic in there handling all that. I'll stick this on my bug list and have it fixed in Beta 3.

Originally posted by Jubatus

Got it figured out...seems the folder beta2 created was named the same as promod so upon DLing it directly from a server it must have replaced it and maybe that way caused some id problems...anyway made a seperate folder for it and DLed it again from a JK site and put it into said folder.

One thing about beta2: The special move blocking....not sure what else to call it; it's when your yellow finisher (and maybe blue lunge too...not sure) is blocked from the beginning. All you accomplish is making a small jump backwards as if you'd hit some invisible barrier. I hope you know of what I'm speaking. It's really annoying as it disrupts the flow of ones game.

This bug didn't come with beta2, it has been around since 1.03 I think.

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