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"Yes Sir I am..." Jekz returned.

"I sense I have chosen the right one with you Mr.Draken..." He replied.

"I sure hope so Sir, Oh I didn't catch your name..." He said.

"That is because I didn't throw it young Jekz." He replied smiling at Jekz.

Jekz smiled back and looked to Kalican who had wondered away a few steps in the midst of the conversation and was looking a cargo ship that was taking off from the port they had landed on.

The man spoke making his attention turn back to him. "My name is Livik"

"Livik...Nice to meet you, so tell me when do we start my training?"Jekz asked.

Livik looked him over "As soon as you get some rest, I see the tiredom in your eyes"

"You are truley wise." Jekz smiled.

After a few exchangings of good bye's he called Kalican they were about to leave when Livik spoke "Wear somthing more comfortable tommorrow"

Jekz nodded and they turned and walked the few blocks down to the Thruster Inn and up to their room.

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