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When they get back to the room he goes immidiatly to his bed and falls downs as if he was unconcious, the bed bounces a bit as he arranges his self onto the pillow and then turns onto his side. He falls asleep almost right away. He awakes this morning like the last by Kalican this time he is repeating somthing and is leaning over Jekz. Jekz didn't take the words coming from him mouth in he was still half asleep. He closed his eyes tight then opened them once again and they were not as blurry as before. HE set there for a minute being now shooken by Kalican he made out "It is time" and from those words he jerked his eyes to the clock. They had ten minutes to get ready and to get there.
Jekz jumped up running into the bathroom running the water from the sink on his hands and then splashing it onto his face. He then runs back to his bed were his travel module sat and dug through it madly.
He found a solid black suit that was mad of a matterial he never heard of but he new it was his most comfortable. He put this on then got out his black robe the one he usually wore when it wasn't a special event he was going to, he did say dress comfortable didn't he.
From there he lifted the robe up strapping the belt and his holster on then sliding his blaster into the holser and buttoning the strap ov the top to keep it from falling out, they were defintly going to have to run he thought as he glanced up at the clock then droped the rob again it draped ofver him all the way to his ankles.
He looked to Kalican who was also just know putting his boots on as he put his own on. The were done almost simotaneously with each other and ran directly for the door. After leaving the Inn they began to run to the small house they had met Livik at the day before. He looked down at the time on his rist, they would make it if they ran ,he thought to himself.
They made it just on time yet Livik sat on the cement step in the front of the small house as if he had been waiting for hours.
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