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"set course for earth4,creepio."

" it made some errors,sir. we are already on track for that planet. i dont know how. but it blasted us to hyperspace and fact,we are already in the atmosphere and landing."

"well stop it!!!!!!!"

"i cant."

"you stupid droid!" i slammed my fist down and held it in my hands with a look of pain in my eye.

" sorry sir. the force is guiding it."

" the who?"

"the force."

"oh. i guess there is nothing we can do." the ship bumped as we landed and the hatch opened. i walked out to see a man standing there.he had a robe. i couldnt see his face though i couldnt see anything in this darkness.

"greetings,Jacob." he says.

"how do you know my name?"

" i know everything about you."

"why am i here?"

"you know why your here. your looking for someone.and you know who that is." he says.


"yes." a smile came to him. "take the red pill,and i will teach you your importance and the truth to real life. take the blue, and you will die.your choice."

"red." i take the pill from his hand and gulp it down. i got knocked unconcious.

i woke up.

"i think i know karate." i say.

"show me." he says as i kick at him and chop at him and he does the same and blocks. i start freezing in air and kicking his butt.he falls down and gets up and stands still.

"good." he says."now you must do a task i ask."

"what is it?" i ask.

" i have a jedi freind who has a new apperentice. the jedi isnt goin to be around all the time for his apperentice. i want you to gard his apperentice when he is not there. will you do it?"

" of course."

"good.they are staying in the temple 2 miles that way. good luck. may the matrix be with you."

he dissapeared and i started my walk to the temple.
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