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Livik looked at them as if he new what they were thinking and spoke.

"Welcome...I spent all night seeing into the future of your training as a Jedi." He smiled and began to stand.

Jekz noded to Livik and said. "Well, I hope it was good."

"Some were unclear some not as good as expected but most just as good as I had dreamed im my slumber, which isnt much these days with all the bounty hunters and other evil in the galaxy." He said looking concerned yet not as much as you would think.

We small talked for a bit and then continued inside and he looked him over for what seemed to be the first time that morning.

"Your freind over there he can leave if he dosent feel comfortable" Livik said in a low tone.

Before Jekz could respond Kalican answered. "Thank you" He hurried out in what appeared to be the direction of the main part of the city were the taverns and what not were built.

"Now your first lesson of your training will be taught." Livik said in a less calm and more exited voice than usual.
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