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First off....

Come play Praxeum Knights Promod Servers

Praxeum Knights Saber Only FFA - Promod Beta 2
- Jedi Knight Force
- Saber Only

Praxeum Knights CTF - Promod Beta 2
- Jedi Master Force
- Full Weapons

Both servers have the newest versions of the many of the greatest skins and models out there for the game. Custom maps will be coming soon. (need more regulars first )

Sadly I haven't had enough time to really test out beta 2 yet. But from what I've seen....

1. Love the new startup screen, for sure not Kansas no mo..
2. 100/25 after duel is good, but no multi duel? I know next release.
3. SP Style saber throw blocking, Would very much like to see in next release along with #2.
Good to hear it is coming though.
4. Love the offensive/defensive bonus guages. Jesus this mod just keeps getting better.

I have to say I really love this freaking mod. I consider it the savior of all things JK2. Really what JK2 should of been from day one. Artifex like you I really hope to get more CTF action in, but as it goes I'm the only one on the planet running a promod CTF server, and I have no traffic. LOL. Sad but true, hoping that will change so I can see if its good for CTF. Anyway us FFA'ers aside from that love it. hehe
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