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Originally posted by Jah Warrior

LOL, we waited as long as we could dude, but my fave show was on - OZ you may have heard of it.


Lol seriously, if you watch seinfeld you have to see the snl parody with jerry in Oz, it's frigin funny
Anyways the map pack u want is ente's pad pack available at, and its well worth getting hold of. You wouldnt have seen any 10 second duels, LOL damage is set at 0.3 and don't think about flaming me for that, myself and the regulars checked it out and that was the only sensible damage rating.

Me= lazy for dling individual maps, i'd rather let it dl at 2kb/s and go for a walk

And you and your damn "Fast and furious" duels, how are they to fast? How do you play exactly? With both players going for a downward axe chop in red at the same time? You and your crazysettings.
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