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Ah man the only way to explain it is that our server settings simply encourage use of all moves many times in a duel, you really have to get stuck in there to get some damage and we love it, honest!!! It brings a greater tactical element into the game i feel, and it also makes comebacks possible. If you get like most of your health taken form a normal hit you are done for in default damage settings, with it lowered a comeback is attainable.

To prove my point, I can safely say that on our server there is not a single player that for instance only uses Red, or Yellow or blue, everyone uses all stances and this is because they know that with lower damage its not worth jst using red or just using finishers, all the moves do their bit of damage and it comes together with some brilliant and I mean BRILLIANT fights.

It may be an acquired taste and sure it may not suit those that like to get a couple of hits and win, what it does do is make it bloody good fun! F'real!!! ask any of the regulars - jais druid lexx, jubatus sosky clem and so on.

He he maybe I should call the server Hermes Place the home of endurance duels!!!

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