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Posts: 1,486're just whining 'cause you can't counter my l337 strat!

I start off with finding the longest narrow hallway. Then I get my DFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADF ADFADFADFADFADFADFADFA-rampage going! Whoohoo! And when I finally hit the back wall with 10 fresh frags; just a quick 180-degree turn and DFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFADFA!

Aaahh...that map is for the truely skilled.

Seriously...have you ever tried to play there with, like, 20 people all guns and force enabled?'s the sickest thing ever...

(EDIT: Upsie...I was talking about this: "NEVER use map raven EVER! hate that map, no good for saber duels and it's so very crampted. ")

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