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**Official JKII.Net Broken Link Thread**

Ok, after several emails, I decided to make a thread that is dedicated for people noting links that are broken. Now realize that with the file master's RL schedules, we might not get to the Files right away, but I am usually on, and Eets, Visac, and James, and aristotle are all good at checking around the forums, and I will sticky this post so people will see it.

* Please simply state the file, and the link to the file.

* No Duplicate posts of the same file from different Users.

* Please allow 24 hours, so we have time to fix each file.

* Please do not make DEMANDS for us to fix files. We will get around to them, it will just take time.

* We will posts replies of files that have been fixed.

* and Remember: We are only human.

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