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Originally posted by taboo
I'm a huge fan of this mod ... I'm really hoping that it can virtually replace the default jk2. Having said that, I have just a few suggestions.

Please don't forget to eventually deal with the bots aim/difficulty issue. I for one get a huge kick out of slaying bots when i don't feel like finding an online server. It shouldn't be too hard to give bots of any given difficulty a range of 'hit scores' to determine defence breaking etc (this is coming from someone who's never modded before of course ).
This is on my list for beta 3.


This second suggestion is just an idea that I'm putting out there in case anyone finds it worthwhile. I'm a big fan of all weapons, all force ffa. However, it seems a bit unbalanced that a gunner can choose to put no skill points into the saber skills and fill up the rest of the force powers while a saberist has to choose between saber skills and force powers. My suggestion would be to reduce all force powers or just light/dark powers by a factor of 1 of players holding a non saber weapon. Please don't think that i'm a die hard saberist who thinks he should be able to win every battle with a saber ... I'm not. I realize that there is an unsupported mercs vs jedi feature but anything that limits choice/diversity in the game ain't a good think in my books. Anyway, that's the basic idea ... thanks for listening!
This is really similar to something I've been talking to others about. I think a lot of CTF ladder players would send their big brother Vinny after me if I did this. My original plan was to put this in Beta 2, but the mixed reactions I was getting made me decide to push it back to a later version, if I do it at all.

I'm going to see how the current settings work out for a while, maybe get team Valar and some others to jump into my server for some CTF so I can watch how things go, and judge from there.

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