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Wow, my first post here...

So? As long as there's a hardcore fanbase the game won't "die" until JK3 comes out.
Ditto this. I just started playing the game and I see this thread...

I religiously played the same game for almost two years...Wheel of Time. At it's peak, there were probably no more than 10-15 arena servers and 8-10 citadel servers. This was right after the game came out. It was announced that there would be NO sequel. Some people started making maps but there were no true mods developed.

There was a small, but very serious, hard core fan base. This is all it takes to keep a game going. After two years of clanning and playing this game, I was burned out. But, guess what? The game is still going. It came out 4th qtr of new mods and very few maps.
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