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I think some people are getting the wrong impression from me. I never meant this thread to be a "JK2 is dead" thread. It was supposed to get the opinions of people regarding JK2 after, what, 6 months.

I still play the game, though not as much as I did originally. It's a great game.

I agree that we shouldn't ask Raven for any more patches. Hell, I was happy with 1.02 and I didn't want any other patches, period. I had to upgrade to find servers. JediMod and ProMod have made the game a lot more enjoyable. I don't think there would be too much legal wrangling over Raven making it official. To the best of my knowledge, CS was sort of unoffical and became offical. As did a number of mods for Quake 3 and UT. (Rocket Arena for one)

It'd be interesting to see how far these mods could go with offical support. Dual Sabers with proper animation would be great and bugs would be next to non existant. It'd be good for the community if Raven worked with the creators of these mods or even on their code (which technically is an edited Raven code, so theres more legal stuff)

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