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I think the worst thing that ever happened to the community was the release of the JediMod source code. Every 10 year old with a text editor seems to have their own brand. How many corrupted versions of JediMod do we have now? Can you look at the server listings and know exactly what to expect in each mod? If you, as a forum-goer, don't know what to expect, then how is a n00b supposed to know? Those same n00bs are going to get frustrated and leave.

Please, if you're going to release a mod, do something different. Don't just add some emotes to somebody else's source code and release it under some name starting with the letter, "J". You'll just increase the chaos, and in doing so, worsen the situation for those already contemplating an exodus from the game.

Sigh. End Rant.
This is an extremely valid point. I have 5 mods on my MP JK2.

-ProMod Beta 2
-JediMod 1.1
-JetPack (Which I'd like to see incorporated into ProMod or JediMod, maybe as a new game type if possible)

While new mods are important, having 20 versions of a mod that does essentially the same thing is ridiculous. It's wastes server space and drives the community apart. I think that only JediMod 1.1 should be used rather than the whole JediMod++ stuff that is popping up.

I'm guessing that the ProMod code will never be released and that's a good thing.

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