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Re: Expansion Pack

Originally posted by D.L.
I agree. An expansion pack is really what this game needs. Some new environments and maybe even offical Raven-Approved versions of JediMod and/or ProMod. There are a number of niggling bugs in each program that Raven could iron out with the full source and their JK2 team.
I really hope its a cold day in Hell bfore Raven touch this game again. You really think it wise for the ppl who gave us .... ep1.3 The Ass Wars & ep1.4 The Nerf Wars, to incorporate excellent mods such as ProMod (Officially) into any future expansion ?. I mean ProMod was primarily designed to largely 'Undo' what Raven did with the patches after 1.2. Doubt they'll want to step into that irony.

Nah ProMod is best left in the hands of its fathers as far as i'm concerned.

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