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Re: Re: Expansion Pack

Originally posted by Ged

I really hope its a cold day in Hell bfore Raven touch this game again. You really think it wise for the ppl who gave us .... ep1.3 The Ass Wars & ep1.4 The Nerf Wars, to incorporate excellent mods such as ProMod (Officially) into any future expansion ?. I mean ProMod was primarily designed to largely 'Undo' what Raven did with the patches after 1.2. Doubt they'll want to step into that irony.

Nah ProMod is best left in the hands of its fathers as far as i'm concerned.

LOL! I suppose so but I was thinking about Raven being involved from an aesthetic point of view. There could do new animations for the Dual Saber (which doesn't look great at the moment) and well as making sure that sabers fit in both hands accurately as well as some new stances that aren't just a mix of other stances (in JediMod)

I don't think they should touch any of the other things though 1.03/1.04 were customisable back to the way 1.02 was. There were a number of commands you could edit. It was the admins who didn't know how and Raven got a lot of backlash that wasn't necessarily deserved. Plus I like 1.03. More than 1.02.

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