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I think that JK2 will be revived again by Christmas at the latest. Right now all of the real hardcore players have put out their hard earned cash on the game. Plus Attack of the Clones is just about out of the Movie houses, so the desire to be a Jedi is fading. The biggest boost this community could get right now would be a price cut from Raven on the game itself.

As far as the mods go Artifex is right about one thing. The source code for Jeidmod should never have been made a public download. Look at Jediplus 3.3. Its full of bugs!

All we need is more time for the game to come down in price and for the bad mods to go away. For me I will not download any variation of Jedimod unless it is an update from Dest.

Another thing to remember is that if we want to expand the community then as a whole we need to HELP each other! If you’re in a game and someone asks you how you did a move…TELL THEM! Don’t laugh and say…for me to know and u to find out! This is the type of attitude that kills games.

When I first started this game no one would tell me anything. Sure I read the manual but that was not a lot of help in the real game environment. It took nearly three weeks before a nice guy helped me out with my moves and showed me a few tricks.

On my Jeidmod server I have a key bound to all of the commands so that I can help anyone at any time. I also will always help anyone who needs it or wants it. This way people can learn the game and love it as we do.

Also do not call anyone a nOOb. That pisses them off and will send them back to play Counterstrike. Help them! If you do that then we will have very few nOOb players left.

I will keep my server up for as long as I have players on it. And that brings up another point. Many a night I see a list of a few hundred servers but almost half are either empty or locked. So we do have lots of places to play, just not enough players. This is why as a community it would be better to run servers of all one patch type or a mod that makes the master server think they are all the same....hmmmm

A great mod would be one for the server admins. It would allow them to make custom changes to the game play based on the “type” of version they want to play while still making the server appear to be a 1.04 version. Then in your cfg you could change the settings to reflect 1.02, 1.03 or 1.04. This would, at the least, bring all of the servers into the same list. I would write it if I was able to, but alas I am unskilled in this area. If it was a dl of saw less than 700k most players would wait for it. And if we all had it....

Just an idea…...or a mad ramble

But I will play this game until it does die, but I see that a long way off!

Just play the not complain about it!
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