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Originally posted by FatalStrike


I am with you ZWZ I like good strong hits, if I get smacked by two yellow hits I have to fight a perfect duel to score a comeback. That the way it should be. If you get outclassed early on, well my friend you deserve no pity, next time be more careful.

The same with finishers, why even try one? If they are weak the damage done to risk taken ratio is retarded. Finishers all leave you open for a long time (except Blue Lunge) and are very hard to land in a duel, they should be quick kills.

But then again I hate Baseball because its slow, so it only makes sense that slow duels would annoy me.
I soooooo want to fight you, on both default settings and sensible settings, PM me if you wanna discover just how much pity i deserve... LOL

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