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Some guys keep asking about how to get past the zero gravity part after you beat Fyyar...

Think of it as though you were swimming, but the water wasn't very thick and you had to take a long time to stop. The trick is to not accelerate too fast, or you'll fly into one of the flamers and not be able to stop.

Before you do anything else, SAVE!!! Exit the room (there's a secret at the top), putting Force Speed on before you go past the flamers - you'll still take damage, but not much. Float down the elevator shaft, but don't go to fast - there's some kind of electricity arc which will cause sadness if you hit it. Float up to get to the passageway you used to drop down from the tall room - there's another one of those electric arcs blocking the way. Time it carefully and Force Speed past. When you hit the tall room with the walkways, float all of the way down. You should see some mobile turrets here - that means you're on the right track. Kill them with a saber throw and return to the long corridor at the beginning of the level. The rooms that were at first closed should now be open (hope you killed the mini-walker things). Some of them have goodies, and one of them is the escape pod where you will meet Jan and watch a brief cutscene.

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