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ArtifeX wrote
Let me know if you guys set up something big for a specific time. I'll make sure to be there and answer questions, demonstrate new stuff, and generally see how things go.
That is a great ideal, what do think about hosting the first small promod Comp. Hawk, to get things rolling ?

Besides that, Artifex it was great to see you on the server the other day and you are welcome along with all others anytime

Hi, ZwZ and Psionic we are glad you guys enjoy our server. Of course you know the server has changed since we beagn running Promod. But we still enforce the rule of Saber down=Peace. Since Promod is in beta we are letting lightning and all other force powers go to see the balance between everything.

I personally would love to see some new maps on the server, but as Hawk said we need to get more regulars involved first.

Lastly, I am in favor of the Knight force mastery setting, unless Promod compititions have master as the norm and it puts us at a disadvantage. Although the force is a big part of the game I like to think it all boils down to Saber skill to truly best your opponent.

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