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Are angel? Like good version of what Syrnl has in him? Dad said that we had a history of dealing with angels and demons. He didn't tell me why... and now the Empire is trying to kill us...why won't they just leave me alone?


*Terrakon fights with troopers on the battlements, further from the party. Suddenly there is a respite, and a familiar figure walks toward him*

Terrakon: You. Why are you here? To kill me too?

Syrnl: Then I become the Lord of Atredis.

Terrakon: A Darkstar will never be the Lord of Atredis

*Draws blade*

I hate killing family.

Syrnl: I have no family... and that weapon will be useless.

*Tosses Terrakon a lightsaber*

Here, I'll only use one blade. Give you a chance...

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